Knowing God

Knowing The Lord for ourselves on a personal level should be ongoing in the life of a believer. There are some steps we should take in our personal walk with The Lord in order to become more mature in the knowledge of God and Jesus. Some of those steps are taking personal time in presenting ourselves to God through prayer and in the Word of God in His presence. Sometimes in prayer we should not always be doing all the talking, but to spend silence times in His presence.

By way of Holy Spirit, God reveals Himself to us when we spend time with Him constantly. The spirit of God’s love, integrity, and faithfulness will become more real and personal in our time in His presence. As we spend more time in His presence, our understanding of God’s Word, will, and faith increases and becomes more clearer. As believers, let us continue to take time out to be in the presence of The Lord for the edification of ourselves as well as for the work, submitting and doing God’s will, and for the edification of the Body of Christ.


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