The Faith of the Truth

One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. (Ephesians 4:5, KJV)

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. (Hebrews 11:1, KJV)

In the fifth verse of the book of Ephesians in chapter four clearly tells us that there is one God. This One God is God The Father, whom is also called The Truth just as much as Jesus Christ is the Truth, but God The Father is still head over all things including Jesus Christ because He is His Son in whom He made Him God, Lord, and Creator. Jesus the Christ inherited His Throne as the Son of God by God The Father. Jesus Christ did not work for His heritage, but everything was given unto Him by God The Father before He was birth on Earth to do a great work and before anything else existed except God The Father. Father God is the One who remains in His sabbath from the seventh day of creation and sits on His throne. The faith of the Truth (God and Jesus) is revealed to those that have believed on His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus has demostrated and shown the Truth concerning the faithfulness of God’s characteristics and integrity. According to the scriptures, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God’s faithfulness and promises will remain until all things are fulfilled.

God initiated a promise to Abraham to show us how to live by the faith that is of Him and to learn obedience to the faith of the Truth. Worship and obedience goes hand and hand in living by the faith that is of the Truth. Abraham destromated these things throughout his journeys to the land that God had promised him by obeying God and leaving his land and his father’s house. After he left his father’s house, then The Lord showed him where he was to go as he went because The Lord told him I will tell you where to go. What Abraham had done was true faith in action. When Abraham built an alter and prayed to God as he journeyed out and was not far from the promise land, worship was instituted in the Earth for all nations in which God made Abraham the father of many that are to come by way of true faith in God. True faith starts from within our hearts and minds. We believe, therefore we speak. We believe with the heart and confess with the mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and God sees the heart and hears the confessions and saves us.

As Abraham journeyed throughout his way without losing his faith in God, he experienced moments of doubt and fear, such as questioning God how is it that he go childless, after The Lord had appeared to him. The Lord told Abraham to straighten up, so to speak. In other words, The Lord told Abraham to walk upright before Him and be perfect or mature about what was promised. There were times when Abraham had his moments of giving in to his flesh by way of fearing for his life and losing his wife when he entered Egypt and Gerar on his journeys. There are times when we are in our flesh just for a moment, but let it be only just for a moment so that we can move on in the faith that is of God and of His Son Jesus Christ. Even Jesus had a moment in the garden before His death on the cross, but immediately He said, not My will, but Your will be done, speaking to God the Father. We must do the same in our trials. Get it right as soon as possible. Just as God intercedes for us today by way His Son Jesus Christ to prevent us from forfeiting our faith and salvation, God still intervened for Abraham because He knew Abraham’s heart was in the right place of believing and trusting in Him. Therefore, the scriptures are faithful and true in saying that Abraham staggard not at the promises of God, but was faithful unto God and obeyed The Lord in his walk with Him by way of the faith that was given unto him. We can do the same thing by faith.

As of today, we can still learn from the things of old because it teaches us God’s way, personality, faithfulness, characteristics, and integrity. This is why God is so adamant about us being like Him, which means to be holy like Him because we should be yielding to Him so that He will bring us to perfection in our lives and in how we walk with Him so that He will produce in us an unmovable faith, joy, peace, and hope. We can have a sabbath and a rest just as God the Father is in His sabbath and rest within our hearts and minds in this life and in the one to come if we adhere to the faith of the Truth inspite of our circumstances and situations.

Today, as believers we should follow the same example of Abraham when he obeyed God faithfully. As the scriptures speaks, God will not leave us nor forsake us. Therefore, it is necessary for us to examine ourselves to see if we are living by the faith that is of God through Jesus Christ His Son.


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