In God’s Army: Be Fully Enlisted

As believers, we understand that it is by the grace of God through faith that we are saved from the wrath of God that is to come and that we become righteous in His sight. But the grace of God and the faith that is of God through Jesus Christ is not to be taken lightly. Many of us are sitting back and living the way we want to live and have not taken into consideration how God would have us to live before Him. Many of us when we first believed go through what you may call boot camp. Boot camp in the army is a trail and test of one’s ability to see whether or not they can handle what comes their way before they are fully enlisted in the army.

As believers, we go through spiritual boot camps to have our faith tested. The scriptures says that God would not put more on us than we can bare, and the scriptures also says that He will always make a way of escape from our temtptations and trails. There are different types of boot camps that new born believers and mature believers go through for years until they go through that open door where God had made a way of escape so that they would be fully enlisted into His Kingdom forever. There are boot camps of sinnful acts and living, unforgiveness, unbelief (believing or following another faith or religion), disobedience, rebellion, and pride that believers struggle with in their walk with The Lord. In order to get out of boot camp, we must pass the test of Faith by giving our whole heart and submitting ourselves to The Lord so that we will be fully enlisted into His Kingdom with our name written in the Book of Life (as we call it The Lamb’s Book of Life). It is not in how we start our walk with The Lord, but it is in how we finish our walk with The Lord of lords and King of kings.


1 thought on “In God’s Army: Be Fully Enlisted”

  1. I remember the day that I accepted Christ as my personal savior, I completely understood that it was by the “Grace of God” that I was saved. There is no other way. What I didn’t understand at that time was he didn’t just want to be my savior, he wanted to be my Lord. It meant then and still does that I allow him to be the center of my life. I struggled with this a lot until I read Hebrews Chapter 11, it was the understanding that even great men fall and fall short that I understood his mercy, we must allow the bit in our mouths that Christ set there to be moved when and where he leads us and that we don’t move without the help of the Holy Spirit. Acceptance occurred at the moment of salvation “by grace we are forgiven” it’s our job to understand his grace fully and share it with his children so they to may be lead to the cross. Each of us carries the grain of humanity to which we add His grace, this is the pearl of great price. It’s the reason why we live, it’s why Christ went to the cross, to reveal his grace and mercy.

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